Our Goals:

Provide public outreach on a continuing basis in order to keep our customers educated and informed about the District's activities and services.
Always seek opportunities to augment the District's water supply for improved reliability and reduced costs without sacrificing water quality.
Ensure that the District's water system is adequately sized, maintained and improved in order to provide water service to not only existing but future customers.
In all contacts with the public, employees shall (1) strive to be accurate and (2) be courteous and professional.
Play an active role in the community through the Chamber of Commerce and community events.
Seek opportunities to work jointly with neighboring businesses and agencies to provide improved or lower cost services.
Diablo Water District - Providing a Safe, Dependable and Adequate Supply of High Quality Water for Residences and Businesses
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Rates and Bills

To help our customers better understand their water bills, here is information on how we set water rates and how we determine charges, in addition to how to read your water meter and other useful information about your bills.

Water-It's a Bargain

How We Set Water Rates

What the Water Charges Are

How to Read Your Water Meter

Don't Be Surprised by Summertime Bills

We Make It Easy to Pay Your Bill

Water - It's a Bargain!

How We Set Water Rates

Diablo Water District is a Not-for-Profit Public Agency that is run by local elected officials to deliver a reliable supply of high quality drinking water to the people of Oakley. All revenues received by the District are used solely for the water system. The last water rate increase was in February 2019.

What the Water Charges Are

Basic Charge
The basic water bill consists of a Water Charge based on the amount of water you use, plus a Service Charge to pay the fixed costs of the water system.

Water Charge :
$3.22 per Unit for the first 8 Units
$3.60 per Unit over 8 Units
1 Unit = 100 cubic feet or 748 gallons

Monthly Service Charge :
5/8-inch meter = $16.61 (typical home)
1-inch meter = $33.71
1½-inch meter = $62.27


Check Valve Charge : Monthly charge based on the size of the device being checked:
½ to 2 inch = $4.45

Late Charge : 5% of balance not paid by delinquent date.

Trip Charge : $30 per trip to notify customer of disconnection, or disconnect service for non-payment, or to reinstate service.

Returned Item Charge : $25 per unpaid item returned from bank.

Call Out Charge : $100 to connect or disconnect water service after 4 p.m. and on weekends.

Tampering With Locked Service : $150 plus damages.

Security Deposit : $100 for owners and $200 for tenants, or twice the estimated monthly bill, whichever is greater.

How to Read Your Water Meter

You are billed for full units only. When reading your meter to calculate billing amounts, only use the first four digits from the left. This applies to either our 6 digit or 8 digit meters.


Click on thumbnails to view larger image:
6 digit meter 8 digit meter
6 Digit Meter 8 Digit Meter

Don’t Be Surprised by Summertime Bills

If you perform the following steps, you will learn how much water you are actually using for outdoor summer watering of landscaping and how much it is costing you.

  1. Once you have set your sprinklers for your watering needs, read your meter, using only the first four numbers from the left.
  2. Turn the sprinklers on manually and let the system go through the full cycle. Afterwards, read the meter again.
  3. Subtract the first reading from the second reading.
  4. Multiply the answer by the number of times you water per day.
  5. Multiple the total by the number of days you water in a 30-day period.
  6. This is the total number of units you will use for outdoor watering in one billing period.
  7. Multiply the total number of units by $3.22 each for the first 8 units and $3.60 each for any unit over 8 to find out how much it is costing you each month.

Our staff is happy to help you with this calculation. If the cost is outside your comfort zone, you can reduce it by using less water.

For suggestions on water conservation, click here

We Make It Easy to Pay Your Bill

The District provides a variety of bill payment options to make it convenient as possible for customers.



CLICK HERE to pay your water bill safely and securely through our website with a credit or bank/debit card that has a VISA or MASTERCARD logo. There are NO convenience fees. You will need the following information to register your account or to pay bill now, which can be found on your current water bill:

  • Account Number
  • Location ID Number
  • Amount you wish to pay

Please Note: Payments made by 3pm, Monday through Friday will post by the next business day.


Send in your check.

In Person:

Pay by cash, check, credit or bank card with Visa or Mastercard logo at the District Office at 87 Carol Lane next to Les Schwab Tire Center.

At Your Bank:

Arrange with your bank to make direct payments to us. (Please allow up to 10 business days for us to receive your payment)

In Advance:

You may pay as many months in advance as you wish, and your credit will be reflected on each monthly statement.

Auto Withdrawal:

You can sign-up to have your current water bill withdrawn from your bank checking account on the 5th or 20th of each month, by picking-up a form at our office or downloading the form here.

Please complete the form including your signature and a voided check and bring it into our office, drop it in our 24-hour drop box, or mail it to P. O. Box 127, Oakley, CA 94561.


Pay by credit card (delinquent accounts only).