Our Goals:

Provide public outreach on a continuing basis in order to keep our customers educated and informed about the District's activities and services.
Always seek opportunities to augment the District's water supply for improved reliability and reduced costs without sacrificing water quality.
Ensure that the District's water system is adequately sized, maintained and improved in order to provide water service to not only existing but future customers.
In all contacts with the public, employees shall (1) strive to be accurate and (2) be courteous and professional.
Play an active role in the community through the Chamber of Commerce and community events.
Seek opportunities to work jointly with neighboring businesses and agencies to provide improved or lower cost services.
Diablo Water District - Providing a Safe, Dependable and Adequate Supply of High Quality Water for Residences and Businesses
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24/7 Emergency Service
For Major Leaks and Other Urgent Water Issues Please Call (925) 625-3798
Open Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Closed 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.
87 Carol Lane, Oakley, CA
Phone: (925) 625-3798
Fax: (925) 625-0814
Mail: P.O. Box 127
  Oakley, CA 94561-0127
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Starting & Stopping Service

Download our packet for New Customers Here (PDF format)

How to Open Your Account

You may open a water service account by completing one of the forms listed below:

Adobe Acrobat Application for Water Service for Residential
Adobe Acrobat Application for Water Service for Businesses/Property Managers
* Request to Start Water Service forms can now be emailed to customers@diablowater.org

Information you will need:

  • Your name/spouse’s name.
  • Service address of new account.
  • Whether you own or are renting at your new address.
  • Your home, work, and or cell phone numbers.
  • Billing address.
  • Email address.
  • Drivers license number.
  • * Please note that a security deposit of $100 for property owners, $200 for tenants; or twice the estimated monthly bill, whichever is greater, will be placed on your first bill.

Service Agreement for Bank Owned Properties

Please download and submit the form found at this link to start water service for bank owned properties.

Click Here for Form (PDF format ; 58kb)

How to Close Your Account

You may close a water service account by completing the form by clicking on the link below:

Adobe Acrobat Request to Disconnect Water Service * Request to Disconnect Water Service forms can now be emailed to customers@diablowater.org

There is no charge for closing an account.

Important Reminders:

  • Because you are responsible for any water used, you should inform the District in a timely manner that you are closing your account to avoid additional water charges and to get your deposit back.
  • If a customer fails to pay the final bill for water service within 45 days after they have vacated premises, the account will be sent to collections.

Information on New Development Water Connections

It is important to apply to the District early for a new water service connection to avoid delays in your project. Please complete the application form below by clicking on the link below. For information on new water development connections please call Christine Belleci at (925) 625-0588.

Application for New Water Service, Extension of Water Main, or Other Facilities