Our Goals:

Provide public outreach on a continuing basis in order to keep our customers educated and informed about the District's activities and services.
Always seek opportunities to augment the District's water supply for improved reliability and reduced costs without sacrificing water quality.
Ensure that the District's water system is adequately sized, maintained and improved in order to provide water service to not only existing but future customers.
In all contacts with the public, employees shall (1) strive to be accurate and (2) be courteous and professional.
Play an active role in the community through the Chamber of Commerce and community events.
Seek opportunities to work jointly with neighboring businesses and agencies to provide improved or lower cost services.
Diablo Water District - Providing a Safe, Dependable and Adequate Supply of High Quality Water for Residences and Businesses
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Updated Drought Regulations

Diablo Water District Self-Certifies Water Supply

The State Water Resources Control Board Ends One-Size-Fits-All Conservation Mandates. As of May 18, 2016, the State adopted a new water conservation approach that replaces the old framework of the State setting reduction mandates for individual districts. Agencies must self-certify that they have adequate water supply to meet demand or set their own local mandatory reductions to balance supply and Demand.

Diablo Water District Certifies that It Has Adequate Water Supplies and Mandatory Cutbacks are Not Needed. Diablo Water District has two sources of supply that together meet all local water demands:

  • Wholesale Water Supply. Most of our water is delivered to us from the Contra Costa Water District (CCWD). Visit ccwater.com/WSIJune2016 to see the quantity of water CCWD expects to deliver to Diablo Water District each year.
  • Local Groundwater. The District's two million gallon per day Glen Park well provides additional supply from our local groundwater. The District also has its two million gallon per day Stonecreek well which acts as a backup to the Glen Park well. Both wells draw from the same aquifer and are located about 1,600 feet apart.

Spreadsheets with the Self Certification data are available below. The two sources of supply - Purchased from Contra Costa Water District and Local Groundwater - together, are adequate to meet all customer demands.

Groundwater Level Data
Water Production Data
Supply and Demand Self Certification

In California, there is never enough water to waste.
Please visit our conservation pages
to learn how we can help you save water with rebates, water saving tips and more.